Monday, February 20, 2012

Creating a Hi-Res 512x512 Launcher Icon

Here is a tool that I have found useful:

This online tool enables you to upload your Android Launcher icon and it will convert it to the size that you want. I use this for when I need to create that pesky 512x512 image that is required to submit an app to the Android Market.

It has a simple online interface:
Just click the Get Started button and then pick your launcher icon. Use the drop down box on the bottom left when browsing for your icon to choose a different file type. The default is Icon (ico). I usually have to set it to Image (png, gif, jpeg). Once you have selected your launcher icon, select the Export button. 

Now you will want to select the 512x512 option to get your hi-res launcher icon:

Once you have selected the size you want your icon to be, select Save As.

After you save it, just upload it to Android Market and now you have that pesky hi-res requirement out of the way.